Top 15 Popular accounting software in Malaysia


Find out which are the best accounting software in Malaysia popularly used by the small business owners in Malaysia.   But first we will define what is an accounting software and what should be included in a basic accounting software.

What is accounting software?

Accounting software is an application software that helps you record and process your business related transactions – transactions such as sales, purchases, payments to suppliers and receipts from customers. A good accounting system should also function as an accounting information system, as well as a management information system.

Types of accounting software in Malaysia

Some accounting systems consist of a core module and several add-on optional modules. Some other accounting systems are made up of several inter-dependent modules, and are described as integrated systems.

The core modules that are necessary in order to be able to generate your financial statements are the General Ledger module, Cash Book module and the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable module. Optional modules that help to ease the business operations are the Sales Order module, Billings module, Purchase Requisition module, Purchase Order module, Inventory / Stock control module, Payroll module, Time sheet module, Inquiry module, Electronic payment module, and the CRM module.

In evaluating the best accounting software for your company, you need to ask yourself what are the accounting software features and functions that each software should have,  and what are the extra features that is good-to-have.

List of Accounting software in Malaysia

Here is the list of the popular brands of accounting software Malaysia, grouped by country of origin, and listed in alphabetical order

Latest update:  These softwares marked (*)  are listed as GST Malaysia compliant accounting software, for government subsidy purposes

Accounting software that originates from Malaysia

  • Autocount Accounting software *
  • First Accounting
  • ICS accounting software *
  • Mr Accounting *
  • OBM Accounting software *
  • Q&E (QnE) Accounting software *
  • Smart Accounting software
  • SQL Accounting software *
  • UBS Accounting Software *


Accounting software in Malaysia that originated from other countries

    • AccPac accounting software
    • Fact Accounting software *
    • MYOB Accounting software *
    • Peachtree Accounting software
    • QuickBooks accounting software *
    • SAP Business One Accounting software *
    • Tally Accounting software


Where can you buy accounting software Malaysia

The list of accounting software Malaysia above are general-purpose systems suitable for most trading and service industries.  They can be bought ‘off the shelf’ and are generally not customizable or modified in any way.  If you are operating in specific industries, you may want to consider buying an industry-specific business accounting system.

The Malaysian accounting software can be bought directly from the developers themselves, or from consultants and agents of the company.   The accounting software that originate from other countries are normally available from the authorized distributor’s office, IT stores, and also through independent agents, consultants and system integrators acting for the distributor.  Most of the accounting software Malaysia is also available for purchase at online stores.

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